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Climbing TeePee and Hiding Spot

Climbing TeePee and Hiding Spot




Let your pets imagination run free. This uniquely designed climbing ladder & hiding spot is perfect to make your pet feel home. It offers a great solution to combine exercise and relaxing time. Made from quality wood components, the toy measures 16.5cm x 5cm and fits perfectly in most rodents cages.

Why not let your Rodent enjoy and enhance his cage life. Using diverse and different attractions in a rodent's cage will increase their happiness and life span. Just like humans, rodents get easily bored and need exciting features to keep them entertained.

Our well-crafted and beautifully manufactured rodent ladder with incl. hiding spot will ensure that your rodent stays active for many month to come. 

For LIMITED TIME only we offer this great Rodent Toy completely FREE of charge - you only pay for shipping.